Our Story

Rolf Klotz began his training to repair watches & clocks, in 1958, when he was 14 years of age in Düsseldorf, Germany. His first dream was to become a car mechanic but his father said he was too small to work on cars, at 14, and apprenticed Rolf with a Master Watch & Clockmaker (today Rolf is well over 6 feet tall).

He completed the apprenticeship and went on to work as a journeyman watchmaker for five more years before he went for a "Meister's" - Masters Degree - the highest level of skill - this made him qualified to teach, which
he still does.

He founded KLOTZ WATCHES & CLOCKS back in 1988 in San Francisco, California and became quickly the most sought-after watchmaker in the City, due to his extensive expertise, knowledge and quality work.

There are many other fellow watchmakers around but word spread quickly and even today KLOTZ WATCHES & CLOCKS has customers as far away as New York City
and Florida, who keep sending him their timepieces for service.

Expertise, Knowledge, Experience and excellent customer service are the cornerstones of KLOTZ WATCHES & CLOCKS. Klotz Watches has earned an outstanding reputation among its customers and is planning on keeping it that way. That's what comes with many years of experience and making customers happy.

His workshop is located at 7332 W Sate Street, Suite 5, Wauwatosa, WI 53226.

For additional service or detailed information, please contact Rolf under (414) 239-8447 or via e-mail, using our "Contact" form.

Or feel free to stop by and say Hello.....